Darin Portnoy, M.D., MPH says…

Darin Portnoy

“I have worked all over the world as a medical doctor with the organization Doctors without Borders and I know well that the lack of dental care is a serious health problem. The end effect of this situation can be truly devastating to individuals and to their families and dental help is often very far away. BHH’s simple but amazing aim of providing dental treatment and preventative care in Haitian communities is a brilliant example of how a project can change people’s lives.

I know that BHH combines all the best elements of a thoughtful and sustainable approach to assist those in need, and in this case, the need is clearly that of dental care. By using skilled Haitians in their own communities, children and adults now see dental practitioners who can not only treat the full range of their dental problems, but can prevent these same problems from starting in the first place. Already 55,000 Haitians have benefitted from this program, and if BHH can extend its reach, the full scope of this work would indeed be very impressive.

I strongly support BHH and am want to see their work expanded beyond the communities where they now work. With your help, this extension of BHH’s work can absolutely become a reality.

I hope that as you learn more about BHH and watch the BHH video, you’ll feel as strongly as I do about the work being done in Haiti. And I hope that you will want to join me supporting this terrific organization.”

Darin Portnoy, M.D., MPH
Vice President, International Board; Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) Geneva, Switzerland

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