Fran Rajotte says…

Fran Rajotte

“As a health care provider in Haiti, Visitation Hospital Foundation realizes the need for good dental care for the overall health and well-being of every patient. BHH establishes true healthcare with year-round weekly treatment and prevention. As we do at our Visitation Clinic in Haiti, BHH employs Haitian born and trained dentists and nurses, which also contributes to the Haitian economy. BHH is about empowerment of the Haitian people to provide services for Haitians. The concept of giving high school students an opportunity to work as dental assistants gives the ministry a two-fold approach of not only providing dental services to Haitians, but also inspiring future dentists of tomorrow. I applaud the efforts of this organization and hope more people will be inspired to lend their support.”

Fran Rajotte
Associate Director of Visitation Hospital Foundation

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