Meet the Team


Brooke Ely

A co-founder of BHH, Brooke has been involved with Haiti since the earthquake in 2010. She plans to combine her talents in science and math towards a dual degree in Engineering and Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame.  Brooke hopes that her work will be geared towards solving global issues that promote peace.  Service of others is her guiding principle.


Emma Hall

Emma Hall, also a co-founder of BHH, is a recent graduate of St. Cecilia Academy in Nashville, TN and is attending the University of Colorado, Boulder. She is majoring in nursing and hopes to work in the medical field. Emma first visited Haiti in March of 2013 and was captivated by the high spirits of those she worked alongside. She is passionate about BHH because of the relationships she has built and the bright future she knows the next generation of Haitians will have as a result of this bold project.


Blair Ely

(Brooke’s identical twin) A co-founder of BHH, Blair has also been involved with Haiti since the earthquake in 2010. At every glance, she saw immense beauty in the smiles of the people juxtaposed against heaps of trash. Inspired by both radiance and chaos at every turn, she created a series of artwork drawn freehand using the medium of discarded boxes (see gallery on website). These works, as well as her photography, received numerous awards throughout Tennessee in her senior year, including a trip to the 33rd Congressional Art Competition on Capitol Hill in Washington DC. She capitalized on this work to hold several fundraisers for her number one passion, Be Happy Haiti. Blair will be attending Emory University to play soccer and plans to coursework that will allow her to help with Community Building and Social Change.


Father Guy Domond

Father Guy is the Pastor of St. Jean Baptiste Catholic Church and effectively the Mayor of LaVallee. He serves as a true father to the people there. If it weren’t for Fr. Guy, BHH would not exist. It is through his vision and guidance that our effort are realized to help the children establish a brighter future for the region. He is dedicated to making changes in his community and works non-stop to see those improvementsimplemented. Trilingual (French, Creole, and English), and Brilliant, Father’s preaching is stellar on Sunday and even better through his actions day to day in living out his Faith in service of thousands around him. From the building of new schools to giving inspiring sermons and traveling miles to care for one destitute person, he is the most influential man in the region. Father Guy is who we confided in when we realized there was more we could do to help. We only have to remind him to take care of himself, and in addition to your prayers for BHH and spreading the word and potential monetary support of our Foundation, we ask you specifically for prayers for Fr. Guy and any leadership who follow him in LaVallee.


Dr. Garraud

Our primary dentist who has taken his job as the BHH boss to the next level by serving two days every week and also dedicating his time “after hours” to dental education. His technical skills are superb, from fillings to extractions to root canals and more, our American dentists and he have taught each other much. These relationships are the essence of collaboration. His education includes hands-on work with the people, the students, in and out of schools there and in the clinic itself of course. He also conductsradio broadcasts that inform the public about how to care for themselves. He is a Haitian-born, educated in Port au Prince, and when he is not working at our BHH Clinic two days a week, he is practicing at his own private practice in Jacmel, Haiti (a thriving and busy practice there in the middle of the town 30 minutes away from LaVallee).

Dr. Stanely

One of three dental residents whom Dr. Garrau rotates through BHH to help them get experience in field work so that some day they can be successful dentists themselves and help Be Happy Haiti endure.

Ms. Ferna and Mrs. Cassimere:

While Ferna’s dream was always to become a nurse, she was not afforded the opportunity for such education. She has become a nurse’s aid to Mrs. Cassimere and has proven invaluable to the BHH mission. Ferna has devoted her entire life to the service of her community. She is known by everyone in the surrounding villages for many miles simply because of her indefatigable efforts to reduce the suffering of others. She has no family left but treats the people of La Vallee as her own. An example will paint the picture. One night the BHH team was called to help a young woman with her medical problems, and it took over 3 hours to get to and from the shack she was living in due to the hills and terrain. Later we were stunned to find out that Ferna had been making the trip twice a day on foot to perform what we had barely accomplished by truck. She walks miles and miles every day to reach anyone in need, tending to them and helping them in any way she can. Through service in BHH, Ferna  and Mrs. Cassimere say their life has refreshed meaning and purpose.

Vanite Laroche

Vanite Laroche is a native of LaVallee Haiti who lived for several decades in New Jersey and served as a tailor and maker of fine furs working with notable people such as Hillary Clinton on some of her clothing before she and her husband, Ange, retired back LaVallee. It was their dream to “pay it forward” to their friends, extended family, and all Haitians in their community through service. She works tirelessly at one of the schools supported by this mission and has become an invaluable team member because of her beautiful English, talents as a translator, and gifts in motivating others. Vanite helps BHH in numerous ways including the educational sessions put on by the dentists to teach new team members the talents of fluoride application and sealant application to the children’s teeth. Always bearing a smile, she represents the true spirit and the bright future of BHH as it strives to utilize local talent to achieve it’s dramatic successes.

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