Be Happy HaitiAs important as treatment is, we cant stop there because the same problems we see today will continue to be problems tomorrow, next year, and ten years from now unless we do something about it. That is why we have made preventative healthcare an integral aspect of Be Happy Haiti.

Our Public Health Model:
Imagine you’re trying to rescue passengers in a boat going over a waterfall. Rather than pulling the boat back up the waterfall against turbulent waters and against the force of gravity, why not reach the boat in the calm upstream waters before danger sets in? This is a public health model that our foundation is based on – preventive care. Before Be Happy Haiti, there were tens of thousands of children in the area where we help who were in the boat and going over the waterfall. Be Happy Haiti knows that true healthcare doesn’t just address existing issues but prevents new ones and protects the next generation from such a fate.

Therefore, we provide sealant from cavities as well as a fluoride coat. This double defense, paired with a regular cleaning and a supply of toothbrushes, paste, and floss all prevent tooth decay.


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