Suzanne Lafond says…

Suzanne Lafond“The first step in any new endeavor is EDUCATION! BHH has done that, first by visiting Haïti and seeing firsthand the dire need of educating children and their parents on the importance of good teeth hygiene at it’s most basic level. Big strides have already been achieved thanks to the huge effort by the founders and the friends of this program who are dedicating their active use of energy to see the BHH Foundation prosper and grow.

I cannot think of a better service to offer our dear Haïti than seeing their children with beautiful smiles. I am confident it will then be passed on to parents, relatives and eventually thousands of happy haitians smiling to the world.

This is not compicated. It is an easy sell for anyone to get behind this wonderful project…just think of it ;-)”

Suzanne Lafond
Parishioner of Cathedral of the Incarnation in Nashville, TN
Translator for Haiti Twinning Program

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