The Solution

It is our mission to help Haiti help themselves by Spreading Smiles.

Through Be Happy Haiti, our children and adults are TREATED for existing cavities with FILLINGS whenever possible rather than the much more common approach in Haitian dental missions of only offering extractions. We PREVENT future development of cavities through an ongoing public health model including an educational program to teach the entire family (our students and their parents) improved daily care of their teeth as well as by provision of SEALANT to the children’s teeth. Thirdly, this provides the future leaders of Haiti with OPPORTUNITY, though better health and well-being and, of course, a more beautiful SMILE!

We realized through experience vaccinating that the viscous cycle of dental complications could be halted if we reached the problem at its root before it occurred! Our plan to address this problem became the Be Happy Haiti Dental Mission.

Children are the key— they are the future.

By sealing their teeth from cavities and painting them with fluoride we can prevent future damage and generate a healthier generation to come. A sealant and fluoride treatment takes virtually no skill, involves zero pain, and provides an effective means for preventative healthcare.

The Key to Our Success is in our Three Pillars: Treatment, Prevention, and Opportunity.


The obvious first step in healthcare is treating the issue head on. That means tackling the pain sources, healing abscesses, filling cavities, and pulling teeth if absolutely necessary.

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As important as treatment is, we cant stop there because the same problems we see today will continue to be problems tomorrow, next year, and ten years from now unless we do something about it. That is why we have made preventative healthcare an integral aspect of Be Happy Haiti.

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Service has been transformative in our lives and we realized that the high school students of Haiti should have an opportunity for community service as well.

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