Final Haiti Update

Hi Friends!! Happy Friday! As I am learning to become accustomed to my life in America again I wanted to take some...
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Update #16

Hello everyone! I have had a lot of fun the past couple weeks, full of many celebrations. On May 18th we celebrated...
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Update #15

Hi everyone! It feels so good to be back! As soon as we got to the house, I brought my things to...
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Update #14

Hi everyone! Hope you’re doing well! We had a very successful and wonderful week last week with the BHH team. They did...
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Update #13

Since my last update we were able to go on a little weekend vacation!! Vanite and Ange’s son Alain came to visit...
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Update #12

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t been able to update ya’ll recently we have been very busy and when we have been at...
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