Update #14

Update #14

Hi everyone! Hope you’re doing well!

We had a very successful and wonderful week last week with the BHH team. They did dental work in La Vallee for 3 days and treated about 1400 kids. Once again I was shocked by how poor some of the kids teeth were, it’s hard for me to understand how they can go about their lives living in such bad conditions. But thankfully BHH is working in La Vallee because if these kids went on with their teeth like that they would soon have no teeth and without them the people don’t have access to dental care in the area. All of the girls on the trip did so well and completely immersed themselves into the dental work and got the job done efficiently so they could put fluoride and sealant treatment on as many kids as possible. I still can’t believe that I came to Haiti for the first time on that trip a year ago. I treated many students that are now my friends and at the time I didn’t even realize the huge impact they were going to leave on my life. A perfect example of that is Daphterline. Last year she walked into our clinic with a cute pink jacket on and looked at us with those big brown eyes while Rosie did her teeth. I never would’ve thought that shy and innocent face could be the sneakiest girl with such a big personality. I definitely would’ve NEVER thought that I would soon be giving her and her family a place to live. God certainly has a purpose for every person he puts in front of you and it’s amazing to see how far relationships can go.


A big question we always get when we are at home or when people meet us here they always ask how we can understand each other. In the beginning it was a little more difficult than it is now because they didn’t know as much English and it just took longer to explain things. Now we can have full conversations with the older students and even the younger ones always find ways to make sure we understand each other. The other day in class we were talking about soccer because they just had a soccer game at the school and we were asking what they needed to make their team the best. They told us the typical things, cleats, shin guards, socks, and then there was one thing that they didn’t know in English. They tried explaining but we just didn’t understand – sometimes when there are 30 students trying to explain one word it makes it even more confusing. So one boy gave up and ran outside and came back in with a handful of grass. They need grass. Sometimes they get frustrated because they don’t know some words, but they always find a way to explain themselves and to make us understand. If anything the frustration of not knowing the vocabulary they need motivates them to learn more so they can be comfortable speaking with us. Since most of them are around our ages they love talking with us and the desire to learn and to create those relationships has brought them to study so hard and learn so much English. I am so impressed with them and I can’t even take the credit because it’s all them. A teacher can only do so much, it’s the individual that has to put in the time and effort to master something and I can seriously say every student has put in the work to improve themselves.


Tonight is Rosie’s last night living in Haiti and as were getting ready to leave I’m thinking about all of the great memories we have made together. Not only were we roommates, but we were by each others side pretty much every hour of the day. So that has helped us get to know each other so well and now we probably know one another better than we know ourselves. We have total opposite personalities and that has helped us both grow in so many ways. In class yesterday each grade had 3 or 4 people say something about Rosie and all of their sweet words just warmed my heart. I was honored to be working alongside of her and to watch her grow these past 8 months. It’s definitely not easy leaving our families for this long of time and it certainly isn’t easier doing it from another country. We have both stepped out of our comfort zone and I admire how strong and courageous Rosie has been even when she was most uncomfortable. God has great things planned for you Rosie and I can’t wait to see what is ahead of you. It’s time for us to go our separate directions but there will always be a special place for you in my heart. Haitian sisters forever 🙂

Much Love,

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