Update #13

Update #13

Since my last update we were able to go on a little weekend vacation!! Vanite and Ange’s son Alain came to visit for a few days so we went to the beach! We went to a beach resort about an hour past Port au Prince called Wahoo Bay. It didn’t even feel like we were in the Haiti that the rest of the world knows, there is a different kind of Haiti I’ve gotten to know living here. There are so many beautiful places to go and travel to and it’s a shame that people are scared to come and see them, because it could really bring in a lot of money for Haiti’s troubled economy. The resort had all kinds of excursions to do and it was a good place for both couples and families to visit. We spent the majority of our time jumping on the trampolines and trying to run across the bar from one trampoline to another. Let’s just say that I spent more time falling in the water than I did on the trampolines. But we had so much fun and I loved seeing the incredible views and relaxing by the pool, it was a nice “spring break” for us. After our day at the beach, we stayed at the Karibe Hotel in Peitonville. This is the hotel that the Clinton’s and other famous people have stayed at, and I understand why now! The food is amazing, there are so many things to do, and it is beautiful!
When we were back at school we noticed two girls who weren’t in class, so we asked the disciplinarian what the problem was. Apparently the girls had gotten in a fight during in class, hitting and calling each other names – not really sure how it went down because the two girls sit on opposite sides of the room so it must have been intense. I don’t really know what their punishment would’ve been at my high school, I assume they would probably have detention and then have to apologize to each other and the teacher. But not here, for all the teachers out there listen up because this is genius… For the rest of the day they had to live like sisters. They had to do everything together – work on homework together, hold hands, share food, take pictures together, and then they had to hug and make up. It worked because they knew they had to do this all day and if they started fighing again they would both be kicked out. Believe me it wasn’t easy, at the beginning they wouldn’t even look at each other but by the end of the day they were both laughing and had moved on. I’m not always in agreement with their punishments here, but I loved this one.

We were so happy to have Tom, the school’s benefactor, and Abby, Jeremy, and Hannah, 3 possible teachers for next year come and visit! The week before they came we were teaching all of our classes manners and we told them to say please, thank you, yes sir, no sir, etc. and we soon found them all saying “good morning please” “hello please” they took it a little more literal that what we were hoping. We were worried that the students would be too nervous and not speak much when they came to class, but they asked so many questions and proved how much they have learned in such the short time we’ve been here. Being with them every day can be hard to tell if they’ve even improved at all so it was nice to have someone else who has met the students before to see how much they have actually improved. What I love most about teaching them is that now that we’re in the classroom with them and a fluent English speaker can understand them and have a conversation with them gives them so much confidence. I’m so glad they were able to show off all the English they’ve learned and that Tom, Abby, Jeremy, and Hannah were able to see how great the students are and how much fun we have teaching them. Please pray for Abby, Jeremy, and Hannah as they are making their decision on coming to teach here next year, it’s a big leap of faith but it is the best decision I’ve ever made.


A common question I’m asked when I go home is, “What’s it like living in Haiti?” When I’m asked that question on the spot I never can think of any good examples, but now I have one for you. Last Sunday was daylight savings, but this year Haiti decided not to do daylight savings time and keep the clocks on the same time. But the problem is Haiti decide that they were going to do this last Friday (3 days before daylight savings), so the rest of the world didn’t know about it. Now all of the flights and everything else is messed up, so if you’re coming to here anytime soon and your phone automatically changes to Eastern Time, it’s wrong, we’re now on Central Time. They have taken “Haitian time” to a whole new level, but that’s Haiti for you, they do what they want.

This next week we have off for Easter Break and we are preparing for the Be Happy Haiti team to arrive!! It’s crazy to think that just a year ago that was me getting ready to come on that trip, God has changed my life in so many ways in just one short year! Make sure you like Be Happy Haiti on Facebook and Instagram to keep updated!!

Hope everyone enjoys their Easter holidays!
Much love,

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