Update #15

Update #15

Hi everyone!

It feels so good to be back! As soon as we got to the house, I brought my things to my room and the first thing I heard was little Daphterline singing at the top of her lungs. On my first day back at school I was greeted with hugs, kisses, and excited faces. You never really see how important you are to someone or how important they are to you until you have been apart awhile, then when you are reunited you realize how happy they make you. I missed my little 7th graders screaming at the top of their lungs, “GOOD MORNING MISSES!” I missed walking home with Sandrine. I missed seeing the students every day. I missed everything about my life here just being gone for those 2 ½ weeks. Their smiles and laughter is contagious and it’s so fun to be around. Even though Sandrine has informed me I’m not allowed to leave until July 2nd (don’t know why that particular day), my flight has been booked for June 14th. These last 6 weeks are going to go by fast, but it’s going to be a very memorable time as I’m ending my incredible journey in Haiti.


I have to be a little bit of a diva for a minute. I never imagined that I would be living in a place like Haiti. That also means I never imagined I would have encountered some of the bugs that I do on a daily basis. I’m very proud of how comfortable I have become with the whole situation, I can kill the spiders in my room by myself, the beetles don’t gross me out as much, I’ve gotten use to the spring bugs invading the house every time it rains, I don’t want to scream at the sight of a tarantula anymore. But I have drawn a line and within that line there are NOT scorpions. And we are FAR exceeding that line when they are in the bed. What’s worse than scorpions being in the bed? The scorpion not being there when you come back with help. No, it still hasn’t been found.

On a happier note – I am so excited to announce that the English program that we have started will be continuing next year with two new English teachers! Abby Coakley, a SCA graduate, and her college roommate, Hannah Michael will be coming in August to begin the next school year! Abby and Hannah were able to come visit us in March to see how we live our lives and thankfully God has called them on this journey and they have a beautiful adventure ahead of them. They will be living at the Church rectory and they will be teaching at IPEPH and at a younger school called La Voute. Now that Rosie and I have done the test run, we will be able to better prepare them and hopefully have an even more successful year of teaching English.


As my family and friends have been worried about me living here alone, I wanted to share something that God revealed to me recently. Before I came home for a visit, I thought I had lost my phone. I was really worried because without my phone I can’t talk to my family or keep in contact with anyone. I was panicking and made our driver, Dodo, drive me around to all the places I had been that day. We were having no luck and we couldn’t go anywhere else because Dodo had somewhere else he needed to be. I got back in the car and just prayed. I asked God to calm my nerves and help me remember the last place I had it. Then I was trying to pray to St. Anthony, I had learned that he helps find lost items. But I couldn’t remember St. Anthony’s name at the time so I prayed to the first saint I could think of, St. Michael. I said “Saint Michael I don’t remember exactly who you are but I need you to help me find my phone so I will still be able to talk with my family.” And then it clicked. I remembered that I had plugged my phone up at the hotel for breakfast and I never grabbed it. The next week I went home and I found a St. Michael medal hanging from my lamp. Once I saw that I remembered that St. Michael was our advisory saint and that my adviser gave that medal to the seniors as we were going our separate ways in life, for him to watch over us. I didn’t think anything else of it until yesterday. I was walking down the street in Jamel and on the filthy road I saw something shiny, when I got closer I saw that it was a St. Michael medal just like the one I have at home. If you are unfamiliar with St. Michael, he is one of the Archangels and the protector. God has been trying to tell me for weeks not to worry because “I am with you.” So for those of you have been praying for me and are worried about me being alone, God has answered your prayers. I have an Archangel, a protector, a saint, watching over me. No matter where I go or how “filthy” things get, he will not leave me.

I can never say it enough… I appreciate all the prayers, love, and support all of you have given me.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Much Love,

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