Update #2

Update #2

Hi everyone! Hope you all have had a great weekend!

Rosie and I had a very fun week last week and I can’t wait to share what all we have done!

Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! I was weird not celebrating my birthday with my friends and family back home, but I had a great time celebrating it with new friends and family. Vanite threw me a birthday party with about 20 people my age, I knew 7 of those people and about 3 of them spoke enough English to have a conversation. So it was very interesting trying to communicate, but I had a great time seeing everyone’s talents and the beautiful Haitian culture.


Rosie and I have found our favorite hobby, we love going to the soccer games at Musac. The English teacher from IPEPH, Christophe, invited us to come watch his girls team play in the semi-finals and we went expecting there to be stands with a few fans sitting there cheering them on and boy were we wrong. You could hear the music from the game from about a mile away and once we got there, there were hundreds of people surrounding the whole soccer field. The soccer games are the place to be in La Vallee and we have been to every game since then and we love it. Rosie and I have also started a new trend. There is a clay “field” near Vanite’s house that we turned into a soccer field and soon it’s going to be the new place to be in La Vallee. Each night there are more and more people. It started Friday night, Rosie and I went to play soccer with 2 of our friends. Then on Saturday night it started small and once people heard us or drove by, more people came and the motorcycles would stop and park on the street to watch us. Christophe also wants me to come play on his girls soccer team, but after watching them play I think I would probably get tackled, they don’t really call fouls or anything so the game is pretty rough – for now I think I’ll just stick with our fun games.


Yes we did survive the tropical storm Ericka. The Haitians were excited about the weather since their rainy season has been very dry and they haven’t had much luck with their crops. The storm just seemed like any other storm, except it made it COLD here! I was so excited to put on a sweater! The storm did make me worry about all my friends houses and the ones that have to sleep on the ground. So even though I wasn’t effected by the storm I know many people who had a rough night that night but thankfully everyone is okay.

We had our last week of orientation last week and this week we will be figuring out our schedule and working on lesson plans! We have been told that every Saturday the older kids are having a class for Rosie and I that will teach us Creole and all about the Haitian culture, so we’re excited to learn more about that! Our students continued to progress this week as we talked about everything they did this summer. We did get distracted in a few classes- but at least they were speaking in English!


I don’t have a Haitian word for the week, but I do have a challenge for you. This past week I have been focusing on trying not to complain. Looking around me I notice that I have absolutely nothing to complain about – I have food, clean water, a bed, somewhere to live and so many more things that many people around me only dream about having. I often find myself complaining about wanting American food, but then I remember how malnourished two of my friends are and I start to enjoy the Haitian food more. It’s all about your mindset and this week I challenge each of you to try and not complain, you may not realize how much you do it and it will be harder than you think, but try to focus on all of your blessings and the negative thoughts will start to leave your mind.

Thanks again for all your love, prayers, and support!
Much love,

Stay Informed!